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How to lose weight – is it that hard?

How to lose weight

A decrease in the mass and level of adipose tissue is the most common problem of people engaged in recreational physical activity. Athletes, due to the high training loads in this topic, do not have such a big problem, but, of course, in the absence of awareness, genetic predisposition or lack of healthy eating habbits, even an athlete can have problems with the proper level of adipose tissue. How to effectively reduce body weight? Define […]

Is it worth periodically supplementing our body with vitamins and minerals?

Vitamins and Minerals - is it worth supplementing?

We often hear that a properly balanced diet is sufficient to cover the body’s needs for about 60 nutrients needed for the body to function properly. Is it really? We will not find information on the need for nutrients (vitamins, minerals) in any textbook or dietary recommendations for athletes – I agree, it is difficult to calculate the need, because it depends on many factors, as is the case in dietetics and life – it […]

The McDonald’s diet for weight loss – how to eat a big mac and loose weight at the same time

McDonald's diet - will it make you fat?

Fast food effectively affects our taste preferences – they are fatty, contain a lot of sugar and salt – that is, a complete set – unfortunately, our taste buds are keen on this.Perfectly developed composition of taste and aroma, short waiting times and many other aspects mean that, despite the awareness of the dangers an instant diet, instant foods have adapted well around the world. Apparently, the taste of Big Macs is the same everywhere, […]

Is “acidification” a myth and how does this affect performance ?

Is acidification a myth and how it affects performance

Agree that it is difficult to remove the body from the state of acid-base balance. There are many mechanisms in the body that balance each change – the kidneys, lungs, blood buffers, and a number of other buffers like carnosine work inside the muscles.While we cannot observe changes in blood pH at rest, there is a difference during exercise between an alkalizing and an acidifying diet. So why not think like this: “Can I somehow […]

Caffeine is not for everyone

Dieting & Nutrition - Caffeine

The caffeine in our diet comes primarily from coffee beans, but it can also be obtained in the laboratory through chemical synthesis. It is not a complex chemical compound (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine) and has the same structure in coffee, energy drinks, cocoa, tea, and tablets. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and can be used to increase endurance as a fat burner or nootropic compound (stimulates the nervous system).Caffeine acts as an antagonist (adversary) of adenosine, competitively binding […]